TLG Commerce has developed a new furniture eCommerce site for selling furniture in China. WOOX! LIVING  is a brand that specializes in selling furniture and design items to satisfy consumers with a high purchasing power and education.

Joyce Kim-Boebel, CEO of WOOX! LIVING, decided to push the digital transformation of his business after confirming the purchasing trend of new Chinese consumers who are “increasingly digital in their purchasing habits in all sectors including furniture”.

You can read the thoughts of Joyce Kim-Boebel in the interview published below.

The study mentions increasing sophistication of consumer tastes, and indicates that the furniture and home design market continues to be directly related to the urbanization process in major cities. Beijing and Shanghai are the centers on which the best-positioned designer furniture brands are concentrated.

With increasingly demanding consumers and a growing number of competing companies, every detail counts. Which is why WOOX! LIVING isn’t only considering product design but also the quality of the production process.

The managers of this new eCommerce outfit know that offering a product that suits the needs of local consumers is a major trump card. So WOOX! LIVING offers traditional products with new style to consumers who know what they want and spend time looking for it online.

The CEO of WOOX! LIVING tells us about her project

Joyce Kim-Boebel is the manager of this digital business developed by the Shanghai office of TLG Commerce. There’s nobody better to tell us about her project:

TLG CommerceWhy did you decide to open an online store?

Joyce Kim-Boebel: Customer behavior has changed over the past decade. They have switched from buying in stores to buying online, and the furniture sector is no exception. Increasing numbers of customers buy furniture online. An online store is the best way to offer products to customers as it minimizes supply chain costs, which in turn benefits them.

TLG CommerceHave you much experience in the furniture sector?

Joyce Kim-Boebel: We have considerable experience in producing furniture. One of our team members has a masters degree in cabinetmaking from Germany, where he had his own workshop for a number of years. WOOX! LIVING furniture has been sold in Northern Europe for over ten years and our experience confirms that the quality and style are suitable for the market.

TLG CommerceYour online store currently only ships to specific Chinese regions. Do you plan to ship globally in future?

Joyce Kim-Boebel: In the short term, for 1 to 2 years, we are going to concentrate on the Chinese market, which is immense.

TLG CommerceWho are your target audience?

Joyce Kim-BoebelWOOX! LIVING customers want contemporary furniture that expresses their individual taste, meets high quality standards and are reasonably priced. Our customers are open to the international market. They enjoy travelling and are curious about other cultures.

TLG Commerce: What features of the products sold by WOOX! LIVING would you highlight?

Joyce Kim-Boebel: Upcycled wood, from an old fishing boat, the door of a historic building, etc. These are the sources of our style. We believe these references help give unique elegance and chic character to every piece of WOOX! furniture. What’s more, the old and cultured surfaces we use give the furniture a level of art that gives homes a very special touch.

TLG CommerceApart from WOOX! LIVING’s own designs, will you sell furniture from other brands in your online store?

Joyce Kim-Boebel: We are currently working with Danish futon firm Karup and connecting with other international furniture brands who might be interested in offering a range of products that complement WOOX! LIVING furniture.

TLG Commerce: Thanks Joyce and all the best!

Joyce Kim-Boebel: Thank you!

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