SocialPay: The Social eCommerce

Can you imagine a world where your customers help you viralise your brand while earning money?


Social eCommerce is a brand new shopping experience for your clients!

The objective is clear: to increase sales by generating more qualified traffic and to make all users eCommerce ambassadors.

SocialPay aims to satisfy brands and users with a win-win agreement: the customer/user/influencer earns discounts or money by socializing and the online store receives more qualified visits and achieves better conversion rates.

With SocialPay, every publication generated by eStore users is monitored. Owners determine how, when and to what extent they wish to reward ambassadors who share their experience and generate traffic to an online store, promoting articles or sharing their purchases using the SocialPay icon. This icon allows website users to activate social sharing with one click.

Users will first be informed of the reward they will receive if they decide to socialize using SocialPay. The online store management software will simultaneously track this action and notify the user/ambassador of the incentives they are obtaining or of the number of actions to complete in order to receive their “prize”.

eCommerce store managers can also use their dashboard to view all the information about which customers are most active, achieve most targets and which actions generate most conversions.

Social eCommerce

eStore owners will be able to define how to reward their followers or most active consumers on social networks by creating an endless combination of options based on the parameters they want to incentivize at a given moment. Rewards could take the form of discounts, cash, points or gift vouchers configured in advance using the new tool which works with TLG Commerce‘s eCommerce management software: LogiCommerce.


SocialPay is becoming the first eCommerce tool capable of monitoring and rewarding promotional activities using real results generated by online stores.